Denison Family Celebrates Family and Community During Holidays

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12-15-06 A Denison family tradition celebrates community, the Christmas season and good old fashioned chili.

The Chili Chuckwagon has become a draw for an entire community.
Every year, the James Family drags out their fire pit and prepares pots and pots of chili.

The James started the Chili Chuckwagon at Waples United Methodist Church in Denison about 8 years ago, to feed people who came to see the Church's live nativity scene.

Mary Lou's late husband Sam, served as an assistant superintendent at Denison ISD. The James would cook chili for school staffs, then fire and police departments, and church groups.

Sam died a year and a half ago, but the family continues the chili-cooking tradition in his memory.

The James family decided years ago not to give gifts to each other, but instead present warm pots of chili to the community. Now, they do it in memory of the husband and father who inspired the tradition.