Lone Grove Approves Sewer System Plans

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12-18-06 The Lone Grove city council gave the green light on a proposed Sewer System upgrade on Monday. The council voted unanimously to move forward with the project, which could cost up to $5 million dollars when completed.

Lone Grove city manager Maryanne Elfert says that even though the plan for a new system was approved, no site has been selected. Elfert says at least 2 sites are under consideration, including 10-acres of city owned property near the Kenney Addition.

Kenney residents have said they'll seek civil action to stop the plans if that site is selected. Elfert says the other site under consideration is near Lone Grove High School.

City leaders made the decision after considering an option to connect to the Ardmore sewer system. Elfert says that option would cost the city just as much as building a new system in Lone Grove.

Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality officials have said they won't renew the permit for Lone Grove's existing system, which expires in 2008. Kenney Addition residents fear the city's plans will decrease property values, if officials decide to build a waste-water treatment plant on the 10-acre site.

Elfert says she expect council members to finalize plans for the system by April. The new system is expected to last 15 to 20 years and serve around 1,200 of the city's estimated 5,000 residents.