Colbert May Reinstate Police Chief

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12-18-06 The Former Colbert Police Chief was fired from his post last month. He was expecting to hear why he was terminated. Instead he found out he will be reinstated.

The Colbert Personnel Review Board met tonight to discuss if Polston's terminate still stands. If it did, they were to give reasons why he was fired a month ago.

After a two hour executive session, the review board gave their recommendation to reinstate Polston. Board members say they can't say why they recommend the reinstatement, but say Polston will still receive disciplinary action.

"On the hearing I feel somewhat vindicatedf because I got a 2-1 vote now to reinstate me so it makes me feel a little better but I'll have to see how they do it in the totality," said Polston.

Tonight the board recommended Polston's reinstatement, but will vote on it during the City Council meeting in January. The Council named an interim police chief until January.

Councilmember Wyota Hannan also resigned at the meeting tonight. She said she's served the city for 11 years, and is tired.