Trash To Treasure

12.19.06. Two local women have found treasure out of trash. They believe they have found the image of Jesus in a plate.

"After the losses I had last year, there comes a time when you can't deal with all of this. You just want to lock yourself in a room."

Diana Hall and her friend Mae Boughman have both had a rough year. They are dealing with losses and turmoil. They almost lost the meaning of Christmas.

Diana says, "I lost my mom and sister both last year, so this has been a really hard Christmas for me. Just getting into the Christmas spirit has been really tough. I thought, a lot of people get depressed when they lose loved ones. And I thought, what would they do? They would try to decorate."

Mae says, "I told her I have a bunch of Christmas lights. I got at that TV auction. Lets watch the Cowboy game and fix Christmas lights. So I brought a pickup load of Christmas stuff and just started going through it."

So the women rummaged through the box of so-called “junk”. And found an old Christmas card box.

Diana says, "I opened it up, and it looked to us like depression glass. We were thinking okay this is a good find, this is a keeper and we kind of set it aside. We didn't give it a whole lot of thought. After that we noticed the plate was on the newspaper clippings, dating back to 1970 from the Denver City Press. As were reading the article, it tells of a woman that was dying Easter eggs with her mother. When she finished she noticed on the plate, an image of Christ. And sure enough, he's standing there. You can see it pretty well on the plate, once you know where it is."

It may be a sign to some, a figment of imagination for others. But to these women it's a reminder of what Christmas means to them.

Diana says, “I think it could be an anomaly on the glass. Especially in today’s world. We need something to believe in."

Mae and Diana say they aren't sure if they are going to sell the plate on E-Bay or not, but some how they want others to feel the Christmas spirit.