Marinas ready for July 4th

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LAKE TEXOMA-- "Good weather, no flood, holiday weekend, we haven't seen it for a long time” said Tim Hayes of Highport Marina.

It's the recipe for success for marinas on Lake Texoma, and this year, it's the tourists that are flooding in.

"Well business is booming at Grandpappy’s all of our cabins are completely booked, and have been for a while. We had a long waiting list, so if we had any cancelations they have already been filled, without a problem," said Jami Foust of Grandpappy Point.

Sheryl Endter and her family are from California. They're visiting the Lake Texoma for the first time Friday.

“Oh I think it is awesome, we heard it was beautiful and we heard it was large. We heard that there were nice coves to go in and swimming was good, and you can tell, we had a great day," Said Endter.

Keeping guests like Sheryl happy and coming back to the lake is a priority for marinas especially on big holiday weekends.

"This weekend which is going to be a strong weekend represents 12 percent of our annual revenue in most of our departments, and we plan for it throughout the year and we are ready for It," said Hayes.

Because it is such a big weekend, marinas have pulled out all of the stops. At Highport Marina there will live music and a fireworks Extravaganza on Saturday night, and at Grandpappy Point they are having a concert and another fireworks show Saturday as well.
Both marinas stress that whether you have a boat or not, there is plenty to do on Lake Texoma this Fourth of July.

"We plan for this year round and this is what we really live for," said Hayes. "The lake level is where we like it, and its perfect, perfect weather, it is so hot why not be at the lake," added Foust.

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