The Miracle Boy Comes Home

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12-22-06 They call him "The Miracle Boy." A Bells teenager, shot three months ago, is on his way to recovery. Today, his family and friends welcomed him home from the hospital with smiles and cheers.

Three months ago, family says 14-year-old Steven Jones was shot in the head while a classmate was playing with a gun. He was careflighted from Bells to a hospital in Dallas.

"They let us go in and see him and it's like a movie, on TV," Elaine Johnson, Steven's mom said. "There's blood everywhere and you're looking up at your child and it's not what you want to see."

The doctors told the Jones it was time to say goodbye to Steven. Church groups back home began praying all night for his recovery. A nuerologist performed a surgery to remove part of his skull which kept him alive. After months of rehab, Steven has made progress.

"He's just able to move," said Cody Spence, Steven's friend. "He can talk now, he can see out of 1 eye, and he used to just be laying there."

"You begin to realize what you're body can do and what it can tolerate with lots of encouragement and lots of drive you continue to give your kid and they give too," Elaine said. You begin to see progress even when they don't see it bcause they hurt so bad you see it, you keep pushing..."

The hospital staff couldn't believe his progress, calling him "The Miracle Boy in D5," named after his hospital room. He still has a long way to go. A post-hardcore rock fan, Steven's next goal is to move his left arm.

"I want to be able to play guitar again," Steven said. "You can't tell me no."

Even though Steven is finished at the rehabilitation center in Dallas, he will continue rehab at the Jones family home in Bells. The family wants to convert the garage into a rehab room plus retrofit the home for wheelchair access.

"We desparately need a therapeutic area," Elaine said. "We need some equipment, we need things obviously to be changed in our home, for wheelchair, for safety. He has to be safe, especially with the bone in his skull."

The family is trying to raise money for the rehabiliation room. If you would like to help, or would like more information on Steven, call Tim Jones, Steven's uncle, at 214-674-6741.