Video Christmas Present for Oklahoma Grandmother

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12-20-06 One Dying woman's Christmas wish came true this week via the airwaves. Holiday greetings sent halfway around the world surprised Phyllis Thannisch when she saw her granddaughter giving holiday greetings from Germany.

58-year-old Phyllis suffers from congestive heart failure and hasn't seen her granddaugter in 2 years, until Monday. That's when she was watching KXII-TV and saw her family sending holiday greetings.

Thannisch raised the girl until her health began failing. That's when 12-year-old Stormy Parrish went to live with her dad, Staff Sgt. Zachary Parrish, who's stationed in Germany.

The family has talked on the phone over the past 2 years, but Thannisch says there's nothing like seeing her face.

Phyllis says she's one of 94,000 people waiting on an organ transplant, but she was pulled off the list for a donated heart because of vascular disease.

With no promise of tomorrow, Thannisch says seeing her granddaughter for just 5 seconds was the best Christmas present she could ever ask for.