5 Year Old Uses Savings to Feed the Hungry

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ARDMORE, OK -- While most kids are busy working on their Christmas wish lists, one Ardmore girl is busy giving what she has to help needy kids at her school.

"Because some people don't have food," that's why Cloe Muniz says she wanted to use all of her own savings to buy canned goods for kids who aren't as fortunate as she is.

Cloe says, "They get real hungry at school."

"Used all of her money in her piggy bank to buy food because she wanted to help those who didn't have food for Thanksgiving."

Cloe's Kindergarten teacher at Will Rogers elementary, Pam Brown, says Cloe brought in 104 food items to school for the spirit of the tigers program, and that inspired other students to start bringing canned goods as well.

"We just talked about it and talked about giving rather than receiving and how good it makes you feel, you know, and so she came and we were just all so excited," Brown said.

Her grandmother, Susie Peeks, says Cloe's willingness to help wasn't surprising to her.

"That's all she wants to do is give to somebody and she would rather give somebody something than take something for herself."

Superintendent of Ardmore City Schools, Sonny Bates, says he's proud of students like Cloe who have the desire to give back to the community at such a young age.

Bates said, "How sweet for a little one to do that. And to even have thoughts of helping others at this time of the year and not expecting more for themselves."

Cloe says she plans on doing even more for those in need once her piggy bank fills back up..

"We need to collect some food."

Bates says for anyone interested in learning more about the school's food pantry and how to help to contact their office.

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