$50,000 worth of guns stolen from Grayson County home

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(GRAYSON COUNTY, TEXAS) -- Authorities say more than 50 thousand dollars worth of guns have been stolen from a Grayson County Home.

The Sheriff's Office says about 80 guns were stolen yesterday from a home on Plainview Road.

The theft happened sometime between 6 a.m. And 6 p.m.Lieutenant Ricky Wheeler says whoever stole the guns would have either been inside the home previously or knew the hidden location of the guns, "he had 2 elaborate gun safes..which were wall safes which means they were mounted into the wall..they were made of metal..the perpetrators whoever were at the house spent probably several hours there using grinders to get inside."

Grayson County criminal investigators and agents from the ATF are investigating. They are processing finger prints and DNA and collecting serial numbers to enter the stolen guns into a national database for stolen weapons.

Anyone with information is urged to contact the Grayson County Sheriff's office at 903-813-4200 ext. 2224