Carter County Offers Flu-Shots

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12-28-06 The flu season is expected to pick up next month, and local health officials want to make suer you're prepared to fight it. Carter County Health Department Officials hosted a drive through flu shot clinic at the Ardmore Fire Department on Rocford and the Lone Grove Intermediate School.

More than 36,000 Americans die from the flu every year, and a few cases have popped up in Oklahoma already this month. Health Officials say the vaccine is your best defense against catching the bug.

When the department sponsored a similar clinic in November, the nurses ran out of shots before noon. Cars were just trickling in today. Since the flu season peaks in January and February, officials say patients can't wait much longer to get vaccinated. Young children and the elderly are the ones who usually need flu shots the most.

Officials will be at Lone Grove Intermediate School between 9am-3pm Friday.