An Unlikely Soldier Tool: Silly String!

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12-29-06 The children's toy, Silly String, is taking on a serious role in the war in Iraq. It's helping save lives. U-S troops use the spray to detect and defuse bombs. One Maryland boy, still too young to enlist, has figured out another way to show his support.

Zeke Peterson is a boy who loves his country. At 14 years of age, he's already got his sights set on joining the Marines. Like his father before him, Zeke wants to serve.

Three weeks ago, when Zeke learned the military wasn't supplying troops with Silly String, he sprang into action, collecting cash donations to buy as many cans as he could.

Zeke says he was inspired by a New Jersey woman, who has been collecting cans of Silly String for her son's unit in Iraq. They've exchanged e-mails.

So far, Zeke has collected more than 300 cans of Silly String. He's hoping to get a thousand cans before he has to get them to New Jersey for shipment to Iraq.

Soldiers in Iraq say when they come upon an entry where they think there might be a booby-trapped explosive device, they use the Silly String to find trip wires. It sticks to whatever you spray it on.

Zeke, a freshman, is in junior ROTC at La Plata High School. He plans to enlist in the Marines someday with his best friend Andrew.

He's got about three more weeks to meet his Silly String goal.