Bonham Woman Receives Home

1-3-07 A local government group is helping to make dreams come true with a plan to help some families own their own home. Francis Greer has lived in Bonham her whole life. In the last nine years she has lived in three different places in the city. She is currently on her way to moving into her own home…permanently.

After two years of working with TCOG, Greer was able to get a home specially designed for her son who has Cerebral Palsy. What makes the home special is that TCOG, along with the City of Bonham and the USDA, will pitch in to help pay the mortgage on the home for the next 33 years. Greer's home is the first built in the Section 8 Housing “Choice Voucher Program” which turns rental assistance into mortgage assistance. In January, Likorall, a company which makes products to help the disabled, will install a conveyor belt track to help move her son around his room more easily. TCOG hopes Greer is the first of many future homeowners they can help.