Former Sheriff Facing Sexual Assault Charges

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01-03-07 A former sheriff faces accusations of sexual assault during massages.

Police are asking for the public's help to see if there are any more victims.

After one victim filed a police report in December. They say eight other women came forward saying they were assaulted too. But they say because the incidents happened so long ago, only three of those incidents are included in the criminal charges.

Jon Livingston served as Bryan County Sheriff in 1986, and several years ago opened the Total Indulgence Spa with his wife. Livingston's attorney says the business was one of the first full service spas in Durant, maintaining a good reputation. One of the owners, Jon Livingston, is now facing charges of inappropriate actions during massages.

"The allegations are sexual misconduct while performing massage therapy at his business," said Gary Rudick, Durant Police Chief.

In a police report filed in December, one woman says Livingston massaged her breasts and performed oral sex on her during a full body massage.

We tried to contact Livingston to get his side of the story, but talked to his attorney, Ken Rainbolt, instead.

"Mr. Livingston has responded already in denial of the allegations and at this point in time he's looking forward to get to a courtroom to dispute these claims," said Rainbolt.

Since nine women now claim they are victims of these massages, Chief Rudick suspects there may be more victims and asks them to speak out.

"We don't want people to live in fear and if you've endured something that made you feel bad, that made you feel uncomforatble, you need to talk to us about it," Rudick said.

Rainbolt says Livingston has continued to work at the spa through the allegations. If convicted, he could face up to 10 years for each incident.

There are currently no licensing regulations for massage therapists in Durant.

Other massage therapists tell us this is not a reflection of their industry as a whole. They say they consult with their clients before a massage, to let them know what will happen.