Texoma's Lost Treasure, Part II

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FANNIN CO., TX -- Confederate leader Bob Lee was captured by his enemy Lewis Peacock who was a union leader and Peacock's men took Lee to the Choctaw bottoms not to take his life, but his fortune.

After being robbed by Peacock and his men, Lee left in the darkness of the night, but soon after his story came to light.
"People looked to him (LEE) for leadership,” said Billy Grimes, a historian.

What happened that fateful night was made public in a letter he wrote to the press. It was published, but so was a decree by union leaguers on Peacock's side to arrest Lee.

On the morning of June 17, 1869 Lee was going to his neighbor's house. On the other side were Peacock and his men waiting.
They killed Bob Lee.

Lee had never revealed the location of all his gold, but the legend of Lee and his fortune lives until this day.

"Nobody knows what happened to the gold. It is still buried somewhere,” said Maurdell Bennett who lives in Leonard. "I don't know if there is a treasure or not. No one will know probably."

She’s heard about the gold.

"I've heard that they have looked at it for years and year and it was out at the Lee farm close to the Lee cemetery. That we know of, it has never been found," said Bennett.

We took on the challenge searching for the gold. Driving down dirt roads we found the Lee cemetery and where Lee lived. A creek 300 yards from the cemetery was where some of the gold was actually found by a resident, Hoot Gibson, in the 1950's.

"He got off and got it and it was a crock jar and wrapped in burlap and sealed. He said he thought it was awful heavy and when he opened it and it was full of 5, and 2.5 and 5 dollar gold pieces," said Grimes.

Some of that gold was sold to Grimes' friend who lives in Bonham, but there's thousands of dollars of gold still buried somewhere which provides an adventure for people like 21 year old Steven Baker.

"Pretty rad that they found gold out here. It inspires me to go look instead of fishing," said Baker. “I’'ll spread the word that there is gold. I don't want too many people here at my fishing spot but that would be rad if there are people looking for gold. That would be a nice little adventure. “

It is said that only three people know of where the gold is: Lee, his father and sister who are all buried in the Lee Cemetery. The cemetery has been dug up and searched by several treasure hunters trying to find the gold, but never been all found yet.

We would like to thank the Sons of Confederate Veterans for their historical re-enactments for this story. This is just one area of Texoma rumored to hold buried gold. It is said that there is also hidden treasure near the Fannin County courthouse.

These rumors will continue to draw treasure hunters and history buffs alike, in search of Texoma's Lost Treasure.

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