Surgery Success - Woman Winning Fight Against Obesity

11-19-03 - It’s what some call a last ditch effort to lose those extra pounds: gastric bypass surgery. It’s become one of the most effective weapons to fight obesity.

For Julia Davis, it was a lifesaver. Her breaking point came when she fell on her bathroom floor one night over two years ago. 12 hours later, EMS crews helped her to her feet.

At 540 pounds, doctors told her she might not live much longer... But now, 270 pounds later, Julia works at the Marshall County Commissioner's office.

She underwent gastric bypass surgery in august of 2001. It's a procedure that reduced the size of her stomach to smaller than a tennis ball. Its a surgery that doctors told her she would have about a 60 percent chance of surviving.

But facing that grave risk, Julia said she did not know if she would live through the next six months regardless.
Julia says one of her favorite things to do now is just being able to walk in stores and buy clothes. She will likely lose 100 more pounds.