Rising Prices Lead to Rising Theft

1-9-07 Van Alystne police are on the look-out for a man who took off with more than one hundred dollars worth in cigarettes. While shoplifting and stealing isn't uncommon, the reasons behind this case may very well be unique. Authorities have a very good idea of who they're looking for because the man's cigarette-stealing mission is all caught on tape. Police believe the man got away with several cartons of smokes from a convenience store in Van Alstyne. With the recent price increase, those cartons are now valued at more than $40 a piece. Authorities say the price increase is making cigarettes a hot commodity among thieves. Police say the man they're looking for is around 5’5” and is dark skinned. He's in his late 20's or early 30's and was last seen heading east on FM 121 driving a Z71 pick-up truck.