New Boat Slip Tax for Grayson County

1-10-07 Those who rent or own a boat slip in Grayson County’s marinas could be asked to pay a new tax. Grayson County made the decision in order to keep up with state property tax codes. While many owners are surprised by the tax, Grayson County Appraisal Officials say marinas along Lake Texoma were told about the tax in 2006. According to the appraisal district, two options were given for local marinas: either pay the tax or have boat slip owners and tenants pay it. County officials say marinas along Lake Texoma made different choices.

Eisenhower Yacht Club officials say the new tax could hurt business along the banks of Lake Texoma. They say they never knew about the tax so they were unable to tell owners about the tax. However, Highport Marina officials took notice of the tax and informed their clients and took car of the taxes for all new residents who purchased property after the letter was delivered. Officials say those paying the tax have until the end of the month to pay.