Noise Pollution? Local Track Has Neighbors in Uproar

11-21-03 - A patch of land in Fannin county is home to one of the hottest and loudest sports: motorcross racing. But the real uproar is coming from neighbors. They’re upset over the noise and dwindling property values in the area just north of Trenton. There's no question it looks like fun and it even draws a crowd. Who wouldn't want to watch a motorcycle sail over 30 feet in the air. But for neighbors like Marilyn Craybeek, it's not what she sees but what she hears. "You just want to scream because it's so loud. My friends can hear it on the phone when I'm in the house," says Marilyn. Over the past two weeks neighbors near the race track have filed several noise complaints with the Fannin County Sheriff's office, to the point now where one man has even taken decibel ratings on the noise level at the track. But it's not just a place where kids run wild. In fact, it's run by a professional company. LCS racing is based out of Garland. There track is where serious training takes place. The track manager promises that he's willing to do whatever it takes to cooperate with the neighborhood.
So far LCS racing has agreed to limit the number of days a week that they will operate. The Fannin County Sheriff's office issued a warning and they say the owner told them he might build some kind of wall to block the sound.