Killer Covers Tracks in Latest Cold Case

11-24-03 It was a gruesome crime. A young, Fannin County woman murdered in May of 2002. Days later, fishermen found her nude body floating in the Red River.
Jennifer Harris-Holman was just 27 years old when she disappeared from her Bonham home.
The case has been tough to crack since the beginning. The amount of time Jennifer was in the water made forensic and DNA evidence difficult to obtain. Investigators have not been able to recover any of her personal belongings either.
They did find her Jeep Cherokee abandoned near Lake Bonham, but it did not produce the leads investigators had hoped for: no fingerprints or DNA evidence.
All along, the family has believed she was killed by someone she knew. Authorities have looked closely at two suspects: an ex-boyfriend as well as Jennifer’s ex-husband.
A year and a half later the Fannin County attorney's office has requested the Texas Rangers Cold Crime unit take a look at the evidence and try to uncover some new leads of their own. If you have any information about this Cold Case, contact Fannin County authorities.