Local Troops Back in Ardmore

11-25-03 - For nine months, families throughout Texoma have been waiting anxiously for the 58 men and women of Ardmore's 345th National Guard troop to return home safely from combat duty in Iraq.

Tonight, they finally got their wish.
The soldiers were welcomed with a ceremony in Ardmore’s middle school gymnasium, complete with a band and banners. The soldiers were only on active duty for nine months; not that long by calendar standards.

But in wartime they say the time rolls by slowly. Guard soldier Sammy Hunts says "I can't wait to get back to my regular job and come home every night and do all the things a dad should be able to do." While Ardmore's 345th is home to stay, the soldiers of Ardmore's 1245 troop are still in Iraq. The latest news on those troops is that they may not be coming home until May.