New Inmate Work Center In Madill

Madill City Council members have given the Department of Corrections the go-ahead to build a new 100-bed inmate work center.

The decision has already met some opposition. Former council member Lloyd Eppler wants the people of Madill to decide and started a petition to get it on the April ballot.

Eppler only needs five percent of the vote of the last election, about 69 signatures, and says he already has collected half of them.

Concerned residents like Eppler do not want more inmates in town, but council members say it falls back on economics. Inmates work for the city and county doing jobs most people wouldn't consider doing for free.

Eppler says the council is aware of the town's disapproval.

"City officials have known for some time people were against it but passed it with a three man vote."

The new center will be built a mile outside the city limits in Industrial Park. The Department of Corrections is covering some of the costs; grants are paying for the remainder of the project.