Roads cracking in Grayson County

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Grayson County utility crews say water main breaks are pretty common during the cold weather. The sub-freezing temperatures can also cause foundations to crack. Besides just being a hassle, cracked foundations are also very dangerous.

City and county work crews are trying to prevent these problems. But Grayson County roads are starting to visibly crack, and although this doesn't seem too threatening, the cold could make those small problems much bigger.

If they aren't taken care of, cracks in roads and foundations can cause serious damage.

Cass Johnson with the City of Denison was called out to the scene at Grayson County College Thursday morning when a water main broke near the campus

Johnson says this is the worst break they have seen this winter, but it isn't the first.

"We've had a few and we've been averaging about two to three per day... The moisture that we have causes the ground to break.

The dry and cold weather has caused many roads and foundations across the county to start to split. This could be a serious danger if crews aren't performing the necessary repairs.

Grayson County Commissioner Precinct 3 Jackie Crisp knows he and his crews have their work cut out for them.

"When it gets so dry, you get these hairline fractures and moisture gets in and when it freezes then it will break open kind of like putting a bottle of water in the freezer. It's going to pop."

The cracks have been forming since the temperatures dropped, but crews weren't actually able to go out and work on them until Thursday when the temperatures finally crept above freezing. They are trying to get to all of them as fast as possible.

With another potential winter blast this weekend, Johnson knows he and his crews will stay busy

Grayson County officials say repaving the roadways across the county isn't cheap.

Crisp says that for every mile asphalt they have to repave, it costs the county $23,000.