Drug Bust in Denison

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Police in Denison were serving two search warrants Friday when they discovered over 600 pounds of marijuana. They have now revealed the contents of the drug bust. The two addresses raided were 636 East Sears and 713 East Sears Street.

In addition to the drugs Denison police found, valued at about $750,000, they confiscated several vehicles, one of the homes, and other items like wave runners from the residence. There's so much evidence with this bust, police say they're still trying to sort it all out.

Investigators say the same person owns both homes, and arrested one person. They aren't saying who they took into custody.

Neighbors say they aren't surprised by the bust because they say the residents drove fancy cars, yet it never seemed like they were at work.

Residents say they've complained for two years and police say any tips they receive are helpful in cases like these.

"If they have any kind of information about any kind of criminal activity whatsoever please let us know," said Lt. Mike Eppler of Denison Police. "That's always the best source of information is the public calling us and letting us know what's going on."

Police say investigators are still working on the case.