Rising Waters in Oklahoma

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With the melt off of last week's ice storm, water is rising in some Oklahoma creeks. Near McAlester, a truck hauling a small amount of radioactive material was literally swept away into the rising waters of Coal Creek.

The reason for concern is the truck was hauling an x-ray machine used for examining well pipes. That machine has radioactive material but it is a very small amount.

According to officials the driver decided to take on a high water crossing several inches deep and did not make it. The water carried the three-quarter-ton Dodge like a tube directly into the creek.

Emergency management crews found the truck by helicopter around 8:30 Monday morning.

With the ice storm last week, parts of Oklahoma are still recovering from power outages and the kind of flooding that caused the truck to fall into the creek. Hundreds of volunteers have helped in recovery missions like this.

No injuries were reported, but it will take some time to recover the truck.