Valley View Bank Robberies Linked

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Back in April, a man walked into the First State Bank in Valley View and left with a large, undisclosed amount of money.

Now officials fear that he has struck again and are running short on any leads.

The robbery occurred last Thursday at the First State Bank in Valley View, twelve miles south of Gainesville. The bank has been hit before, but this time it happened much quicker.

The chief of the Valley View Police Department said that the robbery was calculated.

"This is kind of a blitz... it didn't take him very long... and it seemed like he want to catch everyone by surprise, I suppose."

Just like last time a large amount of money was taken. Fortunately, there were no injuries.

Less than a year ago officials believe this same man robbed the bank at the corner of Obuch and Interstate 35.

The robber's tactics are what linked the two crimes to authorities, demanding all the tellers to the back of the bank on both occasions. After the previous robbery, bank officials installed a camera outside of the bank so officials now have an idea of what the suspect was driving.

Upon entering the bank the suspect threatened the tellers with a hand grenade. In April he threatened to injure the children at the day care next door.

Even with increased security he's left bank officials with minimal options.

Police currently have no leads, but if you have information call the Cooke County Sheriff's Office at 940-665-3471.