Ardmore Administration Meets, Discusses Elementary School

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01-22-07 After Ardmore voters shot down a bond issue to build phase two of the elementary school last month, Administrators met with parents Monday night to hear their input on why the measure failed.

School officials said more elementary kids transfer out of the district than into it, and many parents said poor facilities are to blame.

For more than seven years now, the district has been trying to change that. They thought a super elementary school was the answer.

Monday night, some parents asked about transportation costs, and whether every child would get the same educational experience and opportunity. They also asked why remodeling is not an option, and officials answered that remodeling would cost more than starting from scratch.

Ardmore Superintendent Dr. Ruth Ann Carr said, "Here we are in 2007 have recommendations from committees i think people might have forgotten about how much we've done and that they brought it to the board."

One parent asked if the Board would consider renovating the old structures if a third bond issue failed. Vice President Brett Bahner said the Board will cross that bridge when they get there, but he does not expect another bond to fail.