Close Call; Boy Almost Hit by Car

12-09-03 - It was a close call for a 9-year-old getting on the school bus this week when he was almost hit by a passing car near Denison. Now his mother has a message for drivers: stop when you see the flashing red lights.

Becky Davidson was watching as her son, Brandon, crossed Highway 69 to get on the school bus but as he turned the corner he was just inches away from being hit by a car, and Davidson says it wasn't the first time. Brandon is one of 25 students who load the bus along the busy highway, and he has almost been hit twice in the last week.

Now Davidson has taken matters into her own hands. She chased down the driver Monday morning to get the license plate number. DPS troopers issued her a ticket for failure to stop for a bus.

Troopers say they will sporadically park unmarked cars along the highway in efforts pull over people who pass the school bus illegally.