New Road Opens in Ardmore

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In July crews began extending Merrick Drive from Commerce to Rockford with money set aside form the city's TIF fund. The barricades are coming down Tuesday night, providing a new avenue for your morning commute.

City commissioners invested one million dollars in the project with hopes the street would attract housing developers and retail outlets to the area.

They have already accomplished those goals, as a housing addition is planned for the east side and companies have come forward interested in office space.

The three-quarter mile stretch of road should also cut down traffic on Commerce, a street known for heavy congestion and accidents.

Ardmore city engineer Wayne Musma says the city hopes this is just the beginning.

"Long range plan is for the whole area to be developed. We have Commons at 12th and Rockford with Merrick opening up. (It) should spur activity."

Merrick Drive's extension is part of the city's long-term plan. The design was to accommodate future growth. Engineers have plans for a major thoroughfare to connect 12th and Knox, which would also intersect Merrick Drive.