Fannin County Considering New Water Plan

1-23-07 North Texas currently holds 25% of the state’s population and the growth shows no sign of slowing down. That boost in population combined with an overuse in aquifer water has led to the controversy local counties face. At a packed Fannin County commissioner’s court, water suppliers, mayors and residents from the area gathered to listen in about the future of their water.

One of those concerned about the future is Larry Bice, manager of Two Way Special Utility District in Whitesboro, who hopes the way water is distributed does not change too drastically. There is a proposed groundwater conservation district which could restrict the amount of water citizens in north Texas can use. With the high risk of droughts like the one in 2006, Bice says that could be disastrous. The new plan would combine counties along the Red River with Dallas, something which does not sit well with Bice.

The TCEQ has given counties until the end of the month to send them comments on the new plan. But counties only just received news about this in December. County officials say this is too short of a time to make a decision. Fannin County officials voted to send a letter to the TCEQ asking them to push back the deadline because they want time to gather more information.