Congressman Reacts to Bush Address

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01-23-07 Congressmen representing Texomans listened intently to the State of the Union address Tuesday night on his political plans for the country. Rep. Ralph Hall said he's greeted President Bush and former President Bush before each of their speeches offering encouragement.

As Hall greeted the president tonight, the President seemed resolute, fully aware of an approval rating near 30 percent. In 2002, months after September 11, his approval rating was about 80 percent.

President Bush remained firm and delivered a clear speech, Hall said. He called on what Democrats wanted, like healthcare issues and other sources of energy. He coupled this with asking for support for the war overseas.

"I think hes asking for this one last chance to make the Iraqi govenment more responsible and take on its own commitments. He said that and I'm willing to give him that chance."

Hall counted 24 standing ovations during the president's address Tuesday night. With Republicans and Democrats both applauding, Hall hopes it will signify unity in Congress.