Changes to Charter Possible in Sherman

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Changes could be in store for the the city charter in Sherman. City leaders are set to discuss the item in the next few days.

City councilman John Markl spearheaded efforts to review the city's charter, which serves as a guide for how the local government operates. Markl says some relations among city staff could be resolved if the document is revised.

Markl says he thought of the review after mixed reaction from the council on the performance of City Manager Scott Wall. Markl is not asking to look at any specific charter items. He wants the entire document to be examined.

Mayor Bill Magers says the council approved the request unanimously, and it will be the first review since Magers was elected.

Initially Markl asked council members to appoint an outsider to perform the review, but city leaders decided the project would be handled by City Attorney Doreen McGookey.

It's unknown if any important decisions will be made at next week's meeting scheduled for Tuesday night at Sherman City Hall.