Local Military Recruiting Up

1-24-07 Recruiters say patriotism is the number one reason troops sign up to defend their country. When talking with those thinking of enlisting recruiters tell them up front there's a good chance they'll end up overseas. But, that hasn't seemed to hinder the recruiting process in Oklahoma. Military officials say only 7% of Americans have what it takes physically, mentally, and morally to serve in the military. Finding quality applicants is the tough part, but recruiters say the interest is there.

The Oklahoma National Guard had a banner year for recruitment topping the country four months in a row. The Oklahoma Guard is now 6,000 members strong. Officials with the Army, Marines, Navy, and Air Force have reported similar results. However in the rest of the country, the Pentagon said the armed forces were struggling to meet recruiting goals and considered expanding the number of immigrant soldiers to alleviate the problem.