Sewer Blockage Create Problems

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It's not everyday that one wakes up to their home being flooded. But for Terry and Tammie Mitchell, this problem has happened twice.

The Mitchell's have been living in their home for the last 16 years, and before September of 2005, they had never encountered any problems. But, the problems arose again this weekend, and now they are looking for help from the city.

Tammy Mitchell says that the couples insurance claim the first time was denied. The State cited the Tort Reforms Claim Act which says the city is not liable for the damages unless the damage is caused by a motor vehicle.

This time, city officials say they hope to work reach a solution that will help the family. But the city is concerned about the rise in blockages around the city as well.

"We're having more and more problems with grease accumulated in the sewer mains because people are dumping their cooking oil and grease down the drain rather than putting them in cans or in a solid waste stream," says City of Sherman Director of Utilities Mark Gibson.

The city cautions people not to be careless when dumping their grease and oil, because it could come back and hurt others in the city.

The Mitchell's face $6,000 dollars worth of damages to their home.