School Board Votes in Ardmore

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On Thursday, the Ardmore School Board voted to put the future of the elementary school in the hands of voters for the third time. Opponents argue school officials are choosing to spend taxpayer money to hold an election that has failed twice before.

School officials have spent six years researching what is best for the kids. They believe that is to house them in one building where they can learn on an even playing field. On April 3, they are asking voters to give it another shot.

They have also revised the plan, dropping the amount from $14,000,000 to $13,000,000, a measure that would convert Lincoln Elementary to an administration building.

They all say housing all 1,000 elementary school students in one building is an issue they are passionate about. They believe each child can get equal experiences.

If approved, property taxes would not go up because the bond would be an extension of a bond that expires this summer.