Grayson County Sewer Problem

1-31-07 A sewer problem in Grayson County that has been going on for years is continuing to raise concern among residents. Pottsboro resident Robert Graham says his retirement fund is drained. He's spent around $50,000 in legal fees because he says his neighbor's septic system ruined his dream home.

Graham says the problems began back in 2002 when a small trailer park was built next door to his property. The park was issued a permit by the Grayson County, but Graham claims that permit should have been denied because the septic system did not meet requirements.

KXII tried to the Grayson County Sanitarian, but calls were not immediately returned. Last year, county officials told KXII the main problem is with aging septic systems that are not properly maintained and the problem is only compounded when more homes are built with unreliable systems, especially around Lake Texoma.