Jail Administrator Stepping Down

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01-31-07 Donna Hutchinsons turned in her resignation, hours after finding out the Bryan County Jail may receive more funding. It's the latest obstacle for a jail that's faced more than its share of problems over the past year.

Hutchinson was hired as an interim administrator and says it's time for the county to find someone permanenet to run the jail. She says she's leaving because she's burnt out, and stressed out.

Running the jail is one of the most challenging things she's ever done, and after nearly three months on the job, she's tired. Her decision comes the same day as Bryan County commisisoners announced they're working to get more funding for the jail through an agreement with four local banks.

The commissioners also discussed raising the administrator salary to 28,000 dollars a year. This is all good news for Hutchinson, and she's pleased with the direction the jail is going.

But she says she's a single mom, and it's time for something else.

"Right now I'm just tired, I'm tired," Hutchinson said. "I'm just worn out, this is just a step I need to make."

Although she put in her two weeks notice, she said she'll stay as long as needed until county officials find a permanent replacement. After that, she plans on taking a month off, and finding other work.