Family Prays for Christmas Miracle

12-23-03 - A North Texas family is clinging to hope this holiday that a Christmas miracle will save the life of their infant child. The 7 month old daughter of this Paris family is in need of a life saving multiple organ transplant.
Breylyn Fendley was born May 22nd, one month early. Weighing just three pounds and eleven ounces, most of her intestines had died while she was in the womb. It means her body has no way to digest food. In her short seven months of life, she's lived through six surgeries and spent just three weeks outside the hospital. She needs a bowel transplant and a new liver - both from the same donor who must weigh within five pounds of her. Her parents say they want people to know that donating organs can save lives. It's what they're counting on to save their daughter's. Realistically, Breylyn's chances aren't good. Her liver is almost gone and doctors tell Jeff and Tiffany it could be a matter of weeks or even days. The transplant operation Breylyn needs is only performed at hospitals in Pittsburgh, Miami, and Omaha, Nebraska.