The Race is On in Ardmore

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Plans for the MG Auto Company continue to be hammered out at the company headquarters in China and here in Texoma. Officials in Ardmore hope they are able to break ground this summer at the Ardmore Air Park.

Ardmore Development Authority Wes Stucky made a trip recently to work with Nanjing and Global Motors officials to put together the final agreements.

That exciting news has the six dozen residents in Gene Autry abuzz.

A town that has seen its better days, Gene Autry relies on its mementos from the life of its namesake, the singing cowboy, to make ends meet.

Residents hope change is on the horizon now that MG is moving in their backyard.

Stucky holds the preliminary blue prints for the plant. Officials hope to break ground this summer.

Although progress may not be visible at Ardmore Air Park, officials have come a long way already. The just completed an environmental assessment to extend the runway.

With the approval of the FAA, the project should be open for bids in April. That puts them on track to roll the first MG coupe off the assembly line in the summer of 2008.

The City of Gene Autry recently annexed land seven miles north of town, hoping to cash in on a larger tax base when MG moves in. Ardmore Development Authorities say they plan to break ground this summer.

MG must first finish construction at their plants in China and England.