Speeding Up Justice in Fannin Co.

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Officials in Fannin County are looking to revamp their crowded court system, as a backlog of criminal cases has been an ongoing problem. Now county department leaders are teaming up to get cases out of the filing cabinets and into the courtroom.

Fannin County District Attorney Richard Glaser says he wants incoming cases to be automatically placed on the docket so they're heard sooner.

Officials blame a 30% increase in felonies in the county, along with the a thin staff of prosecutors and a shared district court, for the backlog.

Glaser says Fannin officials are looking to petition the state legislature for a district court of their own.

"In the past individual cases would sit in file cabinets and not automatically be put on docket unless somebody said, "What's happened to my case?" and when a case gets stale it's much harder to prove."

Glaser says the proposal for a full-time district court is expected to be considered by state lawmakers in May.