Solider Double Charged for Ticket

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A solider from Denison says he was taken advantage of when trying to book his flight back home. Travis Hall served with the Army National Guard in Sinai, Egypt, for more than a year.

He went to book his flight home to Denison from an online travel site, Through credit card confusion, he purchased two international tickets and is now $1,500 in the hole.

"I heard about Air Gorilla from some friends. They said it was a good place to buy tickets," Hall said.

He went to and tried to book a flight home from Egypt but first had to increase the limit on his debit card. He went onto the site again to try and purchase a ticket.

"I got the e-ticket showing that it had went through," Hall said. "But then I also got another e-mail from the support center website saying my ticket didn't go through and I needed to re-book."

Travis booked another flight for $1,800, but his bank statement shows he was charged for both flights, roughly $3,200 in total.

He e-mailed the company support several times and flew home on one of the flights. He was never refunded for one of the tickets.

"While you're overseas you don't have very much to go off of besides the Internet, or if you actually have time, a phone call to get it taken care of," Hall said.

The company is a member of the Better Business Bureau in San Diego and earns a satisfactory rating, according to the website.

But Travis just hopes to get his money back.
"For one thing I really can't afford it to begin with," Hall said.

KXII tried contacting, a San Diego based company. A customer service representative told me they have a rep working on Travis's case. Phone calls to that representative were not returned Tuesday night.