Old School

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It's been called everything from a local treasure to the black eye of downtown Denison. The old Denison High School and its future have been at the center of debate for years. Now a Texas historical watchdog group has added the old building to their watch list.

The old Denison High School is one of those buildings the organization Preservation Texas feels should be saved, but some say it may be a hopeless cause.

County officials say they are still working on funding the leveling of the building. It remains standing until that money can be found. Denison Heritage Incorporated president Gabe Parker says his group has tried in the past to raise funds enough to save the old school.

Recent efforts have all led to the same result: it's too expensive to tear down and too expensive to repair.

Brenna Kindell of Denison, like many residents, has mixed feelings about the old school.

"It's always sad to see an old building go. It was probably beautiful in its day, but at some point it's time to move on and let it go."

Denison Mayor Robert Brady says city leaders aren't set to make a decision on the building's future until April.