New Jail Administrator in Bryan Co.

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The Bryan County Jail Trust Authority voted to let Sheriff Bill Sturch select the new administrator. He chose John Kidman, a man who's previously held the same position and is no stranger to the problems the jail has faced.

That knowledge and experience of the inter-workings of the troubled facility has county officials hoping that he is indeed the man for the job.

Only four people applied for the job, and his prior experience jumped out to Sturch.

"You've got to have somebody with some law enforcement experience, and hopefully we can get this straightened out."

County officials say the reason they left the decision to Sturch was that they wanted an established working relationship between the two, and the sheriff agrees with that decision.

"John can't do it by himself. It takes all of us working together to put this in the right direction."

Sturch says because of the growing population in the county, the building of a new jail