5.6 magnitude earthquake shakes up Texoma

ARDMORE, OK - A 5.6 magnitude earthquake hit in Oklahoma Saturday night, the largest in the state's history, but Oklahoma residents were not the only people affected. Tremors from the earthquake were reported to be felt across Texas, Kansas and Arkansas.

Saturday night around 11 p.m. the great state of Oklahoma decided to shake things up, Oklahomans usually prepare for tornadoes, but this time they were unexpectedly hit with an earthquake.

Witness and Ardmore resident Charlotte Lollis said, "My dishes started rattling and the pictures are shaking on the wall you know, I run down the hall to get my granddaughter and she's meeting me and by this time I figure out its an earthquake."

Witness Eddie Clubb said, "We were sitting there at our house watching the football game, the OSU game, and all of a sudden our house just started shaking and I looked up and my TV was moving."

This is not the only earthquake Oklahoma has seen. Earlier Saturday morning around 2:30 a.m. a 4.8 magnitude hit in Prague, OK. The Oklahoman reports this is earthquake number eight for Oklahoma in twenty-four hours.

Up until yesterday, the United States Geological Survey said a 5.5 magnitude earthquake was the most powerful earthquake on Oklahoma record, yesterday's marked 5.6.

It hit around 11 p.m. in Lincoln County, about fifty miles northeast of Oklahoma City.

It was reported the tremor was felt all the way to Wisconsin.

Oklahoma residents said they are used to dealing with the threats of tornadoes, but these recent earthquakes have really rattled their nerves.

"Well this was my first experience and I would definitely not want to live in California I can tell you that," Lollis said.

Witness Mike Baird said, "It was rumbling and we were all the way in Mannsville, OK so it was really kinda neat."

The National Earthquake Information Center said the quake was severe enough to expect some minor structural damage to homes and buildings but not aggressive enough to kill.

Don Blakeman with the USGS said, "In the United States the buildings are built pretty well so you don't expect to have a lot of injuries or any deaths until the earthquakes get up closer to a magnitude 6.0."

Authorities said there has been one minor injury in Lincoln County, but besides that nothing more than just a few startled souls.

So what should we be expecting to see next in Oklahoma? The USGS said more earthquakes.

"Typically what we see is a fairly big quake happens, like what happened last night we have a bunch of these after shocks that continue over weeks or months," Blakeman said. "As time goes by there is less and less of them. A lot of times people think this means a really big one like magnitude 8.0 earthquake is gonna come well probably not we don't typically see that sort of thing."

USGS said we don't need to panic, just take precaution by keeping heavy items off shelves and walls.

They said if the quake lasts more than a few seconds, get under a table to block yourself from falling objects.

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