Grayson Property Helping Schools

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School districts around Grayson County are growing and thanks to the work of one Grayson County office, those school districts will receive some extra help from the state.

Its all part of the work of the Grayson County Appraisal Office and what they've done in appraising property. The counties chief appraiser Teresa Parsons says that the state has found Grayson County to be appraising its property at market value. And because the county landed within five percent of the median value for property in the state, school districts will be getting funding.

Every year, school districts around the county budget the amount from the state, but sometimes, the county is unable to reach market value, and districts lose the money they had budgeted out. That's why districts have to make sure they have some money to spare.

"We have to keep a reserve so in case we do run out of money, we can take it out of the reserve fund," says Denison ISD Superintendent Dr. Henry Scott.

Back in 1996, 9 of the 13 school districts in the county did not receive all of their state funding. Denison ISD lost $600,000.

Parsons says that the funds aren't just beneficial for schools because the more money schools get, the less money property owners will have to pay.