Relay for Life

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A celebration is underway in Ardmore to kick off the 13th Annual Relay for Life. Volunteers will team up to raise money for the American Cancer Society. Organizers hope to have 50 teams this year in honor of Oklahoma's Centennial.

The event Friday is designed to motivate team members to get out and
raise money. They have until June to get donations. Th event is the weekend of June 22 at Central Park. Fundraisers will join cancer survivors in an all-night wrap up party.

We talked to one cancer survivor who has raised $26,000 for the American Cancer Society the past 13 years.

The kick-off ended early Friday afternoon.

The state of Oklahoma has set a goal to raise $5.3 million for cancer research, and teams in Ardmore hope to raise $125,000 toward that goal.

Teri Tolbert, district representative, American Cancer Society, has high hopes for Ardmore.

"We hope to have 50 teams. If we have more than that that's going to be great.The teams are eight to fifteen participants and each participant is asked to raise a hundred dollars a piece and all of that money will go to the American Cancer Society."

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