Local Lawmakers in Ardmore

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Three local lawmakers were in Ardmore on Friday to give constituents a look at what's on the agenda this year. Residents asked questions about everything from roads and bridges to tax cuts.

Senator Johnny Crutchfield, Represtentative Terry Hyman, and Representative Greg Piatt spoke to nearly 100 poeple about bills they have already introduced.

They say one of their main priorities is teacher pay. Last year each Oklahoma teacher received a $3,000 a year raise. But lawmakers did not allow for the extra cost associated with the increase such as retitrement and health care benefits.

They say this session they plan to push through a measure that would compensate schools for that.

Lawmakers have also dedicated $200,000,000 a year to repair aging roads and bridges, doubling that budget from years past.

Governor Brad Henry says he also wants to increase spending in key areas like education and healthcare, but Represenattivve Greg Piatt says those are lofty expectations.

This is the first time in state history that the Senate is split with 24 Democrats and 24 Republicans, and political insiders say this session will be a true test of bi-partisanship.