Change in Policy Leaving Some Homeless

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Assisted living residents in Gainesville say a change in the facility's Medicaid policy has left them broke and on the brink of being homeless. Owners say that policy change has left them no choice in the matter.

Sixteen residents at the Wheeler Home say they were given the news last Friday. Now they will have sixty days to find a new home. The families of these residents say they were shocked not just about the move, but that men and women, some in their nineties, will have to completely uproot and move.

Laurie Autry's 74-year-old mother has lived at the Wheeler Home for four years. She says when her mother's private funds ran dry she switched to Medicaid.

Last week the center informed residents they are no longer accepting these types of alternative payment. Some residents say they understand; they just can't understand why it's happening to them.

Assisted Living Concepts, a parent company to the Center, says the change had to be made because Medicaid reimbursements have not kept up with resident needs.

Residents say Wheeler House staff have been wonderful, and the employees were also extremely upset with the news.