$5.8 million Durant school bond passes

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DURANT, OK -- this $5.8 million dollar bond will not increase the current taxes that residents pay.

The bond will be broken up as follows: $390,000 for choir, band and orchestra equipment district wide, and high school drama equipment.

More than $1.2 million for transportation and maintenance equipment, $1 million for textbooks and technology and more than $3.2 million for renovations and construction. That includes many new classrooms and security upgrades at the elementary and intermediate schools, which pleases parents.

"Especially for the older schools. They weren't really built with security in mind so to be able to retrofit those schools in order to have some security measures in order to prevent someone from having access to the classrooms, I think is real important," parent Deann Marcum said.

Durant ISD officials say this bond issue is a renewal -- whereby prior bond payments are ending as the new payments start -- so taxes will remain at the same level and will not increase.

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