Lone Grove Taking Precautions

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The freezing temperatures have leaders in Lone Grove thinking of a plan of action in case another ice storm or tornado hits. The city manager fears the city is not equipped to provide shelter for its 5,000 residents.

The city has no back-up generators to keep their water pumping let alone provide shelter for those left in the cold. City Manager Marianne Elfert is seeking help from Washington.

When Elfert received a needs assessment application from Congressman Tom Cole's office, she knew exactly what to ask for.

After January's ice storm left the city in the dark, all they had was a small generator to keep the dispatch center functioning.

Elfert is asking Cole's office to secure funding for rural cities in the same state as Lone Grove.

She would like to purchase two $50,000 generators that could power City Hall, the Senior Citizen's Center, and keep the city's water flowing.

Elfert is also seeking grants to finance the emergency plan. Currently the fire department is equipped to offer shelter to those who need it when the power goes out.