More Plans for Highway 75

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Construction continues along Highway 75 in Sherman with some projects already finished. But many drivers say instead of relieving traffic, its causing more headaches.

Now the Texas Department of Transportation is looking to make some new changes that they hope will solve Sherman’s traffic woes. It seems like rush hour, but when you look at a clock it reads 1:30 in the afternoon. New improvements haven’t relieved traffic problems; they are causing some more.

“It’s a mess most of the time and I just try to avoid it at all costs,” says Paige Furst, from Sherman.

And the traffic isn’t just giving drivers fits, but its hurting businesses too.

“Our sales are down and they are a lot lower than they were last year,” says Tamara Able, Assistant Manager at the Shell Station on 75 and 82. “Customers can’t get in and out like they would like to, it’s definitely a problem.”

Able says that during a normal shift from 4:30 AM to 2 PM, she is usually able to collect between $7,000-$8,000. Now, she is barely able to collect a thousand.

These headaches are why TxDOT is hoping to implement a popular form of highway modification in Sherman known as ramp reversal. The goal is to take high-speed lane changing from the highways and moves them to low speed frontage roads, giving drivers a little more time to make a decision.

Instead of an on-ramp just south of Loy Lake Rd, TxDOT hopes to build on off ramp to give everyone interested in going to the Towne Center ample time to make a move. The on ramp would be located just north of 82, replacing the current off ramp. That would alleviate congestion right by the Shell station.

TxDOT says that the ramp reversal would cost around 1 million dollars and they are currently looking for how to fund a project f this magnitude.

In the meantime, they advise drivers in Sherman use alternate routes like Travis St. or the frontage road leading up to the center from the north.